ALL ferrets have their rabies and distemper vaccination, are microchipped, and have had a health exam to check for teeth, heart, or tumor problems. Ferrets are guaranteed for 30 days against illness and 3 months against adrenal tumors.


Age: 1 year 0 months
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $125.00

This is a hyper little girl who has a little bit of trouble getting along with humans. She doesn't like anyone messing with her potty box and if you try to hold her too long - which is longer than carrying her from her cage to a playpen - then she has to bite to tell you to put her down. A little persistence, a little time out, and this girl will come around and there is no better bond than a case of conquering the wild child. SHe is used to cats and likes them, its whether they like her or not. She is a climber and gets a charge out of climbing up and out of playpens, up shelves, up stacks of stuff, up your pant legs if you are sitting..........she definitely will be a subject to talk about amongst your ferrety friends.