Most of the ferrets that are surrendered to us are of adoptable age and health. But some are either too old or have illnesses that make them "undesirable" to others. Since we are a NO KILL SHELTER, we place these ferrets in a safe, loving, forever foster home to live out the rest of their lives as comfortably as we can make it.

The cost of supporting these ferrets has grown beyond our expectations simply because they are living longer as a result of better care and a greater understanding of the different types of diseases. Please consider sponsoring one (or more) of our fosters to help pay for their medical needs.

Fostered ferrets have no adoption fee and we cover their medical bills for life. You will only be responible for providing food, toys, and a forever home.

If you have any questions you can contact Elizabeth Hamilton at (214) 240-3958 or


Age: 5 years 0 months
Gender: Female

This little girl needs your love. She is laid back and calm natured UNLESS another ferret is around and it is her duty to put them into their place. She has to be an only ferret. We have tried her with too many and she doesn't even introduce herself before she gives them whatfor. Now it might well be that when she is with 1 over a length of time, she will learn to accept them but here, she is just around too many and she takes her duties seriously. She is adrenal so she is in our foster program and not for adoption per se but she does need a permanent home where she can run the show. She is very active, will follow you anywhere and is most loving to humans. Please check out our foster program. No adoption fee and medical paid for life


Age: 2 years 0 months
Gender: Male

Carl was referred to as mean by the people who brought him in. They claim he bites people, no holding him, and he gets fingers and toes. BUT to say he does that here. NO. He did bite a few times when he was first picked up but now not at all. He is actually very nice. We pick him up and hold him while we ares straightening up his cage - which he does have a tendency to re-arrange it to his own specifications. He came in with Noodles and did fine with him but boy oh boy does he clash with Flounder. So it kinda depends on the personality of the other ferret whether he wants to get along or not. WIth p eople, we just do not think he is a mean ferret at all.


Age: 2 years 0 months
Gender: Male

He is something, laid back but is sneaky and will take off with his prized possessions, whatever you may have thought that it was yours. He does not bite and gets along great with dogs. He came in with Izzy and although he doesn't necessary care to give her the time of day, she thinks he is the cats meow so we'd like to keep them together. He has some spots that have come up we are working on and he may be transferred to our foster program - if so, she will be available on her own. See Izzy.


Age: 4 years 0 months
Gender: Male

Such a beautiful sweet boy but alas he has a swelling of his eye lid. As you are aware, you can remove a tumor from there as it would take the eye lid which is needed. So he gets a cream that makes it comfortable. He is going into our foster program where we will pay his medical for life. He is as any other ferret, riproaring to go, very sweet, gives kisses galore, and loves cats and dogs. He does steal so best to hide his toys and let him think he is stealing them and MAYBE he will leave your stuff alone. Maybe. He is a darling and fun to be around. He needs a home to be loved. His best friend goes with him. His name is carl and you can read up on Carl.