Most of the ferrets that are surrendered to us are of adoptable age and health. But some are either too old or have illnesses that make them "undesirable" to others. Since we are a NO KILL SHELTER, we place these ferrets in a safe, loving, forever foster home to live out the rest of their lives as comfortably as we can make it.

The cost of supporting these ferrets has grown beyond our expectations simply because they are living longer as a result of better care and a greater understanding of the different types of diseases. Please consider sponsoring one (or more) of our fosters to help pay for their medical needs.

Fostered ferrets have no adoption fee and we cover their medical bills for life. You will only be responible for providing food, toys, and a forever home.

If you have any questions you can contact Elizabeth Hamilton at (214) 240-3958 or


Age: 3 years 10 months
Gender: Male

Carlton is a beautiful boy, panda markings and a delight - to people. Just recently he became aggressive with others and it appears he has gone adrenal (50% of the ferrets will go adrenal in their lifetime). Therefore we are putting him into our foster program where he will need to receive vaccinations once a year for the rest of his life, at our expense. He is a thief, love to play in watter and get o tickled over belly rub and scratches, you can't help but love him. He is FUN, and he likes activity - no hanging out in bed when you can run run run Again he is in our foster program and you can read about this by going to our website